Wednesday, 18 April 2012

TUTORIAL: How to make a double ended spanner with the Softie Tool Set Pattern

I love making my own soft tool sets with the double ended spanner - it gives extra bits for babies to chew on, grasp and for toddlers to have another end to 'fix things' with!  Here is how you can change the standard spanner pattern piece from the Little Sew & Sews Softie Tool Set sewing pattern into double-ended play-time fun!

First off, you need a ruler.  Take your spanner pattern piece and measure up from the bottom approximately 10cm and mark off a line on each edge of the pattern piece.  

Now it is time to trace as per the tutorial steps in your pattern BUT only trace from one line on the edge of the pattern piece around to the other one and stop.

To finish off the tracing of your double ended spanner, all you need to do is spin your pattern piece around, line up your lines with where you are up to and keep on going until you have a spanner with two ends.  HINT: It may be easier to make sure you straighten the lines up to make sure you have a nice smooth finish to the handle (the photo below shows how it would look otherwise).

Continue following the steps in the pattern to finish off your tools and voila! you have a softie tool set with a double ended spanner!

You can purchase the Softie Tool Set PDF Sewing Pattern from my bigcartel store (if you haven't already that is!):

Stay tuned, as by the end of April the Toddler Handsaw add-on PDF Pattern will be available for purchase!

Have you made softie tool-sets from my pattern?  I am doing a pictorial showcase blog post next week of all the wonderful customer creations. I would love for lots of tool-set photos to come flooding in to me! Please email your low-res photo to me by Tuesday 24 April - - don't forget to include your name,state and website link if you have them for sale!


  1. off to the sewing room to do this..............just love your pattern

  2. Thanks will whip up a double one for my grandson if i have enough fabric left.