Sunday, 29 April 2012

Name the Evil Organisation these new Little Sew & Sews baddies belong to!

CAPED CUDDLERS VS (Insert clever Evil Organisation name here)

EVERY Superhero needs a nemesis, even the Little Sew & Sews Caped Cuddlers!  So here they are! Not one, but two different styles of 'baddies' to create havoc in the world of the Caped Cuddlers & their Super-kids.  I have a Samurai style 'Boss/Mastermind' and his henchmen/ninjas just waiting to have their Evil Organisation officially named! And this is where YOU come in! 

 Here are a few guidelines, hints so you know what type of thinking hat to put on!

* Little Sew & Sews is about FUN (and I love a good pun/play on words)
* Avoid at all costs licensed terms from other brands
* I am seeking a name for the RANGE not individual baddies/bosses - the ideal name will be unisex as I am more than happy to make some girlie baddies too!
* These are VILLAINS, so think accordingly!
* The INSIGNIA (as per the Boss' helmet) is a sword crossing over a star

How will it work? The nitty gritty rules! By commenting with a suggestion, you indicate you have read this bit!

* You can suggest as many different names for the range as you can think of, but please use a separate comment for each suggestion just to make it easier to review.   
* Please use your full name when commenting, sorry anonymous comments will not count
* Suggestions made that are the same or very very similar will count towards the first person who commented
* All suggestions must be made by 6pm (Perth time) on May 5th, 2012.
* Little Sew & Sews admin (myself and two friends) will then each select 2 unique suggestions that we think are suitable to go to a voting process.
* The final 6 suggestions will be uploaded into a Facebook Poll on the Little Sew & Sews page with voting to then finish on Tuesday the 8th of May at 6pm (Perth time)
* The winner will be the suggestion with the most unique votes.  In the event of a tie, I will cast my vote to decide the winner.  The announced winner will be final and no amount of bribery, pleading or extortion attempts will be considered (sorry).

Now for the fun part, WHAT DO YOU WIN?

Other than the glory of seeing your suggestion attached to the Villains? The winning suggestion will win a complete set of Little Sew & Sews Caped Cuddlers vs (Insert clever Evil Organisation name here) softies! That is ONE Caped Cuddler, ONE Ninja Henchman and ONE Boss Samurai and even better - YOU choose colour themes :)

Now that you have got your thinking caps on - suggest away!


  1. The Dastardly Darned Devils.

  2. Mini meanies (by chantelle lyn)

  3. Bad news bandits (by chantelle lyn)

  4. Star shadow ninjas (by chantelle lyn)

  5. Unity of the Seaming Ninja's (Leonie Norris Facebook)

  6. SEAMING Ninja's (Leonie Norris Facebook)

  7. Sewn Little Ninja's (Leonie Norris Facebook)

  8. Sewn to be bad

  9. ALmost the same as a one of my previous attempts but I also like Bedtime Bandits!

  10. Commenting is now CLOSED! Six suggestions will be up for vote first thing tomorrow morning! Stay tuned!