Tuesday, 28 February 2012

What's in store for Little Sew & Sews this week!


I am beyond excited to be at Perth Upmarket (Junior Upmarket) at UWA this Sunday, March 4th between 10am-4pm (or 9am if you are one of those super lucky VIP shoppers!)  I have been super busy creating dresses, dolls, softies and the ever popular 3 piece soft tool sets (in regular and organic fabrics!) - I hope I have enough to showcase what I do, but if not all custom orders placed on the day and paid within 24 hours of the market ending will get free local delivery/postage.   There is also a market special on the new range of Little Sew & Sews dresses as well as a few items at market prices instead of website prices!   Make sure you drop by and say hi!  

As if being at Perth Upmarket this week wasn't exciting enough, I received my gorgeous GORGEOUS 1 Puddle Lane Blossom Party dress just in time to wear on Sunday! So if you have been eyeing off Ann's work on-line and want to check out a dress in person before placing an order (and speak to a very happy customer), make sure you pop by my stall and have a squizz!  If you are desperate to order, make sure you head to Ann's 1 Puddle Lane Facebook page tomorrow night as she is releasing 10 custom spots!

On a personal side-note, I have been challenging myself by doing a 6 week Beginner's Burlesque class with Sugar Blue Burlesque.  This very uncoordinated, high heel novice managed to turn, kick, move, strut and jiggle in high heels while learning some very interesting styles of dance!  With the course now over, it is time to 'graduate' by doing a performance show on Wednesday night! Costumes being required (as I don't think my husband would appreciate me jiggling away on stage in my gym gear as much as I would prefer to wear it!) - so I 'whipped' up a cute little burlesque bustle skirt. Excuse the dodgy flash photos, but it gives you the idea! Should I get some appropriate photos of the full get-up tomorrow night I will share (maybe!).  If you are in Perth and want to try something different, I do recommend a burlesque course, it was certainly fun as well as eye-opening!


  1. Gorgeous dress and gorgeous burlesque outfit for a gorgeous girl.

    Good luck on Sunday - hope you have a wonderful time!

  2. Thanks Jane! It is going to be the biggest market I have ever done so its a tad scary!