Tuesday, 7 February 2012

and so it begins .. maybe ...

Tomorrow begins the start of when I *could* be heading back into the classroom.  It is time to await the dreaded 8.20am call to start a day of relief at a school ASAP please, or the even worse 6am groggy "you want me to do what?" phone-call.  Regardless if either of those things happen, tomorrow morning Mstr Tornado 2 is going to 'school' (read daycare).   I decided he needed a groovy little bag to take with him to hold his blankie and his nummy so I whipped out this cute little denim dino messenger bag using the Zaaberry Kid's Messenger Bag Tutorial -

 the hardest part was wrestling the bag right way out after I once again decided that smallest was best with a turning gap.  Tornado hasn't decided if he likes it yet, but I surely do!  Now I think I should make a Mummy version to hold MY goodies for school too :) Just please no 6am phone call!

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