Thursday, 16 February 2012

Friendly Challenges - February Pt 1

I often find myself 'stuck-in-a-rut' creative mind wise, so I challenged some good friends of mine (and myself) to create something from a new pattern, or using a new technique that they haven't done before.  Here are our results!
Tracey from My Obsession Designs tackled a
zippered coin purse - with cherrilicious results!
Angela from Perigren Creations made this
cute as a button  zippered  ear-bud case
 with swivel hook for her daughter!

Jodie from Zahley Rose put her creative mind to work
adapting her collection of Dolls & Daydreams patterns
to make a menagerie of adorable ribbon taggy softies!
I made a Seraphina from Bit of Whimsy's Wittle Whimsies range - which was also a new
technique for me having never used cotton for a dolls hair before!
This little cutie is for a friends' daughter :)
My next challenge is kitchen based - time to try out a new recipe!  If you would like to join in on the next challenge just drop me an email (littlesewandsews (at) hotmail (dot) com ) with a photo of your finished food creation and a link (if possible) to the recipe and you will be included in the next blog! Challenge finishes on 29 February, with all photos to be emailed through by the 2nd of March.

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